It seems to prevail, the flu. A lot of people suffer from it, me too. It disturbs my writing-rhythm. But what to do, to be healthy back again as soon as possible?



To know to get rid of it as soon as possible, you have to know what the flu is. Flu is a virus. When a virus enters the body your immunesystem has to take action.  When you are healthy, or otherwise: when you have enough energy, the first action of the immunesystem is enough to disable the virus. And you haven’t even noticed. But when you have a little less energy, the immunesystem action takes more energy. And then you get complaints: sore troat, heavy legs, pain.

Loss of energy has many causes: wrong food, too many stress. Cold weather is also a stressor. Therefore a virus has more change to survive in your body in winter.



A virus enters the body. The first defence detects ‘danger’. A directly reaction follows, unspecific. You feels something, but also non-specific. The signals are send to the rest of the immunesystem. The specific reaction is activated. With fever,  shivering, no appetite. This specific action takes twelve hours to a few days. This costs a lot of energy. All the energy the immunesystem can get. Less energy is left for other processes in your body.



To maximize immune support and loose no energy to other (for this moment less necessary) processes it is good to:

  • have no social contacts: stay at home, in your bed. Your health is the most important thing to work on right now, not other people or your work
  • stay in bed: this saves energy and sleeping is recovery.
  • don’t eat: all food has to be digested, costs energy. Energy you have to keep available for your immunesystem.
  • drink a lot: with a good immune reaction you will get fever. Fever gives sweating, you are losing fluids. So you have to restore the losses. And water is also good to get rid of the waste of the immune reaction.
  • stay warm: enough clothing, stay in bed with an extra blanket. Everything what keeps you warm is ok. But also take care of fresh air (in your bedroom)
  • herbal tea and drinks: several herbs can boost your immunesystem, ginger, curcuma, thyme, lemon juice, elderberry or elder-flower, sage, onion and garlic. You can make all kinds of tasty mixes, even nice when you are sick.


In summary: accept you have the flu, distract yourself from your daily life and just wait till the flu-virus has been defeated.



Flu once a year is nothing to worry about. Three or more times asks for action. How is it with your total energy? How is it with stress? Take care, strenghten your body before next winter.



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