forward to basics (eng)

There is nothing new under the Sun. A common saying, but on the other hand we are trying our very best the find the real new thing. We all do as we have discovered the egg of Columbus. We have really something new, are truly innovative. A new medium, a new therapy, a new technique. But no, there is really nothing new under the Sun. Also not within the subject areas related to health.



Nature, the universe has all the answers. Although, we have forgotten. We are working so hard finding something new, we won’t see the ordinary things no longer. Or we throw it away ‘that’s too ordinary, it can not be the true solution’. But nature is much older and wiser than mankind.



Who are we to be so arrogant, we want to prove everything? To put everything of nature in science, and prove it scientifically? One of the first questions people ask me when I’m talking about nature or natural remedies is: ‘is it evidence based?’ My answer is: ‘no’. You can not prove eating an apple double blind, placebo controlled. But eating an apple is good for you, for your health. And even tasty.

We think we can get and keep all nature under control, for the short term and the long term. And when we think we have controlled everything, one or another natural disaster happens. Oh my goodness, we blame ourselves ‘that part I have forgotten for a moment’. Nature is not curbed by our rules. Nature has it own rules and laws. And those are much more powerful than ours.



For us it is better to learn those nature rules and laws again. Not just learning, but also to feel them, to experience them. Real food, natural food, pure, honest and whole food. Really exercising, natural exercising, exercising in the woods, within nature. Gazing at the stars. And drink a cup of coffee with this old lonely neighbour. All items which work for the best, work much more better than that little Aleve, Seroxat or Ritalin.

Do we have to get rid of our total luxury life? Throw away all science? No, just use it in the service of nature. Without drawing blank nature. We go forward, everyday. But we live today, in the present, now. We can learn from the past. We go forward to the future with all our ‘personal luggage’. Unfortunately that is the fate of mankind. All of nature is not bothered about yesterday or tomorrow, it IS, NOW.


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