music of your genes

We all have genes. Those are the imprint of our personal unique being. There for many people say: ‘it is in my genes, so I can’t change it’. But nothing can be further from the truth. You make the music notes yourself. And all those music notes (read: your genes) together makes the music composition. Your life-music, and it sounds as you compose it. It is in your hands.



For those who are not well known with the technical terms of music a short explanation. There are notes, from A to G. And than it starts again with A. From A to A is an octave, eight steps. You can make eight steps out of seven notes. Seven, a number which is common in nature and spirituality. Next to those seven notes, you have notes in between. From A a half tone up is A + ½ = Ais. A semitone up is marked with a cross (#). But you can do it in the other direction. Take the note B and lower it with half a tone: B – ½ = Bes. A semitone down is marked with a mole (b). The Ais and Bes are the same tone. A music piece with crosses or uppers sounds more joyfull (majeur), than with moles, downers (mineur).

Compare a gene with a tone. You can turn on or off your genes. In other words: play them neutral or with a mole or cross. Do you know in which your lifemusic is written, in majeur or mineur?



A nice instrument to explain this turning on- and off is the harp. Both my daughters play the harp, me a very little. There are two different harps, the celtic harp (with hookes) and the concert harp (with pedals). With the celtic harp you have to imagine the mucispart before you are going to play. With the concertharp you are more flexibel. As it is in life. There are people who have to figure out lifefactors everyday, others can live more easily.



As I already mentioned, you can turn off or on your genes. This is done by your lifestyle items, or life circumstances. For example, eating too much sugars can turn on your diabetes gene (when you have one). So you can influence every gene, not just one, but all your genes. By being aware of your food, your exercising, your biorhythms etcetera. You can’t hide yourself behind the remark: ‘it is just in my genes’. You have it in your own hands. It is about your lifestyle, your lifestyle factors, epigenetic factors. These put on or off your genes. Not just that one gene , but all of them…



In music basically music is written in C-major, no crosses or moles. No tones with halves up or down. This is the most easy way of making music. No hassle, just nice music, which costs a normal amount of energy. It sounds nice. It would be good to live your life in C-major. But some people want more excitement. They upgrade their lives with crosses. And yes, it also sounds nice. But it costs more energy to live this life, to play music like this. And others don’t care a lot. Just eat crap, don’t exercise that much, ignore their biothythms. They put a lot of moles in their life. And yes it still sounds pretty, but a little sad. The biggest problem comes up when we mix crosses and moles. The gene-music doesn’t sound very well anymore. And costs lots of energy.



If you want to play your lifemucis beautiful, very beautiful, make sure you have the right circumstances. For example, playing the harp with a bow isn’t the intention. A life with far too much alcohol neither. It looks nice, for the moment, but at the end it won’t work. Take care of the right circumstances for your instrument. Mine is the harp, but yours can be any other, a cello, an electrical guitar or what else. Every ones gene-pool needs another approach. But with a musical staff, not with writing-letters. And are you yourselve not completely able to write your own mucispart, ask a specialist. He or she can help you writing your part. Writing your beautiful part, optimalise your music. And playing your own fantastic music is attractive to others, those you want to attract. Because when you like jazz and play your lifemusic as it was jazz, you will attract people who like this. The same with other music-styles. No one is good or bad. It is good for you and your loved ones. Just written and played in the right key.


hoe ziet jouw bladmuziek eruit?  (foto:
hoe ziet jouw bladmuziek eruit?

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